The best website for boat rental in Europe

There's nothing like an empty ocean holiday. The sea and ocean give countless operations, a synonym for sun, relaxation and good times! Kayak, surf, sail or just relax, sandcastle and walk along the water: everything is for everyone. Samboat provides spa locations across the French and European coast just a stone's throw from the ocean for a wellness holiday. This is the ideal chance to discover Normandy, Britain or the Southwest with their amazing landscapes. Visit this website n order to get the nice trip for a romantic weekend or family holidays.

Our seaside favorites

Holiday rentals with samboat are mainly times of joy with your family, lovers or friends. In St-Tropez Bay and its scenic villages, the Mediterranean Sea invites visitors to live unforgettable holidays throughout Europe. Sportsmen take shelter on the Atlantic coast to attempt and dress up the waves of Biarritz beaches. In winter, you obviously need to travel to the West Indies or remain overseas to forget the gray screen and supply with vitamin D.

Everyone's activities in our sea houses

We say yes, opt for a sea lease not costly. But there is no activity without! You are invited to explore the website of samboat and their holiday homes on the water. Samboat offers boat rentaland a myriad of activities for the whole family from the Côte d'Azur to Normandy, Spain and Corsica. The time spent in our clubs kid’s won't see your young wolves. You will spend this time relaxing, exploring the environment, or having fun. Some of our houses have the animation "Local findings," for a brief trip in the region where you are.

Go to the ocean throughout the year

Samboat provides inexpensive beach rentals in summer and winter, in spring and in autumn. No matter what the season, you'll appreciate sea air advantages so revitalizing! You overlook the hectic pace of daily life so that the sound of the waves can lull you. Winter is not far behind when the lovely days are ideal for swimming, boat trips or water.