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You want to send you somewhere in this time of the year enjoying a small price for a ticket to more economic travel to the destination of your choice? You are welcome on our website. Traveldir offers the possibility of finding the best travel sites for your needs and your budget for you to discover the country of your next destination. On the site you can find platforms that have been specifically proposed by travelers and tourism professionals. So you can then plan your journey, simply to make a turn there and surf among these thousands of sites to find what you need.

Several categories available

On the website you will not only find travel sites guiding you to your destination.

Transport category allows you for example to find all the necessary information if you choose to go by air with all the world's airports, low-cost carriers, airlines, the price of the current ticket market, airports transfers . By martime way, you will have access to cruise ships available, ferry companies, shipping companies, river cruises, ports worldwide, boat rentals near home or your destination. By road, you will find buses, carpools, car rentals, subways, trains.

The money section delivers you all exchange currency, tuition, cost of living, the cost of public transport, online shopping, banking, the monetary value of each country's currency.

Heading health book you all the information you need such as vaccinations to take before flying some parts or health of the traveler simply.

The category tips gives you tips on assistance, traveling with pets, travel tips, advice for pregnant women, customs, points, visas, etc.

You will also have at your disposal the categories culture and leisure for you to have all the information you need about the language courses, the great schools, languages, museums, operas, theaters, world heritage, TV stations, parks, natural reserves, gardens, ski resorts, holidays and others.